The Brave Traveler

 Traveling was and still is one of my biggest luxuries in life. After i spent some years making a brake because my daughter was very young - and i am not at all one of those lucky mothers who are not afraid to travel the world with a baby - i decided it is about time to start 'discovering' the world once more....

I'm telling you, i am a totally freak when I'm about to travel. It can take me weeks before i will choose the air company and the type of aircraft to fly,  i order the latest travel guide and begin to read it religiously, i search on the net, ask to talk to people who have traveled before me or know someone else who already had the same destination and get as many information as possible. The reason i do all these things is, because, i am such an imaginary terror stories maker, i feel unsafe for no obvious reason, i had some not so pleasant experiences long ago...But also because i am dying to see how local people live and feel in the city - country i am visiting, to get the smell of the real life, eat with them, talk to them, follow the beat of everyday tic-tac, you see, aside from all the above i am a maniac observer of every day life....everywhere...

This time we decided to start thinking about a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I do not at all am the kind of the safari type, let alone i am not the type of forest lover, but this place has the perfect combination of nature, big city pleasures, fantastic food (very important), culture, history, plus i have never touched a toe in Africa. So, if you have any piece of useful information about Cape Town please, please, let me know. In the meantime i will take my time to start the enquiry - study! By the way have you ever heard of tropical allergies?

Love, K.

photos via here