Sail Away

Have you ever felt - maybe a few times in your life - that it would be so nice if you could just 'sail away' from everything, for a while? Even for a few days or hours? Well i do.

Don't get me wrong! I love my family and life very much and as i grow older (which i absolutely love, call me crazy), i have learned to accept things more easily and speak out clear about what i like or not. But even though i have easy going days, the prospect of a small brake looks pretty attractive. Maybe that's because we have to deal with so many things every single day and it is always healing to have a moment of silence to listen to your breath, to reconnect.

I remember when i was a young girl, my mother used to have small feasts, people eating, drinking and shouting - the way we Greeks do - and even though i had a wonderful time, i used to lock myself in the bathroom for a moment or two, just to get some private silent moments, to listen to my voice, my joy, my me. Speaking about it, some years ago i had seen an American film comedy about a girl who could not get herself out of the bathroom during school parties, which i never did, but then again i never went to many school parties...Who knows?

Love, K.

photos via sail-away