Funny thing about time, we never think of it when we are very young, but then again when do we stop being young?

Well, this week i realized i do grow older and you know why? My daughter is going to join high school in September and before i knew it she is saying goodbye to all children habits, she is becoming a beautiful young girl, she is growing up so wonderfully and this my dears means i grow up with her as well... OK i did not discovered the wheel i know, it is just that sometimes we live life using the autopilot and i remember the words of Woody Allen - i think - that 'life is what's happening around you when you spend time wondering about life'.

Anyway, as i grow older i realize how much my priorities are changing, my biggest ambition is to be healthy and be a good mother for C and watch her grow and bloom.
It is so true that when we realize the importance of everyday moments, we start to appreciate and value time in a different way.

Love you all, K.

photos by cocoandsilk