Make my Friday, My Summer Thoughts

 Last week as i was pushing myself to get over with the super market as quick as possible, i am a super market hater, my eyes caught the sun protection products. I don't know when they put them in there but i was so glad about it - this meant one thing...summer was here, it's official!

 I was always a summer ''guy'' and although i love fall and spring, winter is not an option, i like so much to relax under the sun, listening to the sea waves.
I also happen to have endless dreams about a tropical house like this one here and i can very well dream of me living in it!
Sometimes i think it would be very easy for me to live in a place that would be always summer...

This is about what i was thinking till the moment i got to the cashier and then ....puf.... the dream is gone, there is no tropical house around and i had to carry the bags all the way to the car, life can be boring sometimes! But since we have such lovely sunny days lets cheer up!

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com