Make my Friday...Summer in the Greek Islands

Every year when summer is here, i can't wait to have my  - small - vacation, a few calm days in a Greek island. This year i am so happy we made it and stole a few days for the first taste of summer in July, August you can wait!

Many times i have felt how lucky we are to live in this blessed corner of the earth, and despite all the difficulties we have during the late years, this small country can still be one of the best destinations, the weather, the beauty, the food and the people, (not all of them), are a very strong reason to visit.

For me a summer vacation to an island equals to: Swim a lot , eat a lot, read a lot, sleep a lot, lough a lot , oh and the other thing...you know...but we can do all these everywhere, only they taste better under the Aegean sun and a tomato with basil and oregano. 

What ever you do have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Love, K.