Australia meets Madrid meets Athens?

When you live in Athens and you hear the word...Kolonaki, all you can think about is the pricy area of Athens with the hip cafes and the expensive boutiques .... ehhh ....  well, No!

Looking at frankie magazine the other day i found a Spanish (Madrid based) label named kolonaki and I'm sorry my friends but i am an Athenian so i have to say this is making me very glad, a Spanish label with an Athenian name, sounds good! Now, another thing is, the clothes are so wonderful, with a decadent lady like feel, they are nothing but adorable.

Once more i get very excited this magic thing named ''the internet'' exists, so i can read an Austarlian magazine, find out a beautiful Spanish fashion label, named after an area of my beloved city! Nice!

Have fun,
Love, K.

 photos via kolonaki blog