Make my Friday, Summer Pasta

I am a giant friend of pasta, but then again who isn't? It's easy to make, nutritious, absolutely delicious and children love to eat it. 

Most food blogs have a whole chapter dedicated to pasta with so many recipes to share, but to me nothing compares with the summer pasta. It can be eaten warm or cold, it can be a wonderful first plate and a main dish for a light dinner as well. And.. we can mix all these juicy summer stuff with it, make it spicy or kind, once i made a spaghetti with just some spearmint, a lemon and garlic, we ate it in a starry summer night with some cold white wine and it was divine! This is pasta, simple and uncomplicated, as food ought to be.

Send me your recipes, i would love to try them....
Love, K.

all photos via summer-pasta