Creativity (?)

I have a very strong admiration for creative people, you know the ones who can create miracles with a piece of cloth or a sheet of paper, who have amazing ideas about everyday life, who can make a small house look like a loft or a simple cook look like a three star restaurant dish!

What is really creativity and is it a bliss or a headache? My daughter sometimes complains she is too hungry to wait for the table to be set properly and although i am not a styling freak....the truth is, it is hard for me to eat when my eyes are not pleased! I have a constant hunger for new ideas, i love to listen to people expressing thoughts of new creative things, i spend hours and hours admiring the hundreds - or should i say thousands of blogs and it seems like it is never enough. I can never get enough of the creative beauty of every day people's life....everywhere. But the most painful of all it is when you feel that burn in your stomach and you have zillions of ideas you want to find a way to express and either you can not find the right way or you don't have the time...It is then, i stop thinking about creativity and what really means and i just close my eyes and try to rest my brain of every thought, just drink a glass of wine and you know what? It does not really matter at all whether the glass is crystal, or glass, colored or transparent, what really matters it is what's inside the glass, the wine...and the moment...and reality... and life... and simplicity...and these are the most creative moments of all!

Love, K.

photos by cocoanssilk and pinterest.com