Make my Friday, The Rope

The rope is such a lovely material to work with and you can do a million things with it.
It has a very summery feel, very mediterranean and i can imagine it all around the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. In addition it costs almost nothing, it's easy to find and you know what? i love the way it smells...have you ever noticed that dry organic smell, earthy and homey? Well, that's rope.

Looking at a home styling magazine the other day, i saw a wonderful chandelier made of rope and i thought it looked so beautiful, especially for summer-island houses, but its easy to add to city houses as well, depending the style...

From all the pictures here, the one i like the most is the rope rug. I can feel it in my toes its so, so pure and beautiful...Since summer is approaching i was thinking of maybe trying to find one for my balcony, a rope rug next to my ikea  rocking chair under the tall ficus....bliss!

Wasn't is supposed to be sunny today?

Love, K.

all photos via here