5 Fig Recipes You Will Love

I love cooking and i love figs. Although i do admit i do not cook that often, i am a maniac pecipe collector and whenever i find one that i like and is easy to make, i keep it. Saying this, i must have collected over 1500 recipes over the years including different style cuisines. I also - like many others - spend many hours reading food blogs and searching around for anything that looks tasty!

 Fig is one of my favorite fruits, even the smell of a fig tree makes me happy. Of course i eat as many as i can during summer , not to care about the calories, and during winter i try to comfort my desire with dried figs and marmalades.

The following recipes, all by southernliving.com are too hard to resist and i think they are all easy to make and delicious looking. Here we go:

Finally my version of figs for breakfast ....or how i started the day 
a slice of bread, just a little butter, sweet yellow cheese from Crete and my first fig of the day!

Love, K.