Outside Comfort Zone

The more summer is going deeper and hot is getting stronger, the more i am thinking of creating an outside comfort zone next to my living room. I am not talking something fancy or blowing the budget situation, just an old small sofa, (recycled pallet wood is a very good solution), settled in a balcony corner, a few cushions and lots of candles...of course.

It is so nice to snooze and relax or having a siesta on a Sunday lazy noon, having a drink and reading a book in a lovely cool shadowed corner, next to the greenery. During summer the balcony really becomes an extension of the house, so why not use it as an outside small sitting room? What makes a difference is the material someone can use, linens and cottons are the more suitable to give us a sense of coolness. Giving the fact September is also considered a summer month 
 - at least in Athens - we can enjoy it for quite some time!

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com