Make my Friday, Too Much Innocence

Allow me to introduce myself :
When i was a young student little did we know about pop music, especially in the city of Thessaloniki where Greek music was something of a religion. Of course when Saturday Night Fever came out all of my friends from shcool  - me included -  had to declare we were some years older, so we would be allowed to see the film and pass the cinema entance.

The film is what it is and personally i still like it a lot but the great news was the music of it! For me the songs of the BeeGees were like wow! Is this kind of music realy exists? I became a big fun and tried to collect all of their vinyl records , trust me it was not easy, my parents were far away from this kind of spending money....

Why write this post?
Well, first of all it is a (VERY) hot summer noon and i can't realy work, so i have a cold glass of wine next to me and i am listening some of my old stuff , one song picked  by me and then another chosen by C. Believe me C. is all about One Direction so i have to put something in between that is easy listening, we can dance with it, cool and a boy band also!!! And you know she likes the music...well as they say like mother like daughter...

Have a wonderful day darlings!

Love, K.

main photo via smh.com.au