Make My Friday, Classic Yes, Boring No

I really like classic pieces like the white shirt - what can be more classic?- and i adore midi skirts.
My only concern, i do not wish to look like a 60's school teacher...

Thanks to the free world of fashion, these days we can put on a long skirt but hold a crazy bag  - say - so the whole look becomes lighter and more playful. Above all, these pieces are also super comfortable and can be worn from early in the morning till evening, leave from work and go straight for a coffee or a drink or for a movie and  it is pretty sure we will look good!

I have an old white shirt that over the years has become so soft i even wore it as a pyjama once. I think it is time to go for a light blue one also....and the black midi skirt? Oh, i already got this...

Love, K.

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And to add more color we can play with...these

main photo via elle brazil