The Month Called August

August is the last month of summer, our last chance to spend a few more hours next to the sea and enjoy some more free, lazy days - if we are lucky.
Living in Greece means we really have lots of hot days and warm nights during September and sometimes even till October, but once August is here, it's official, summer is walking slowly to its end!

Well, no need to cry, so i prepared a list with all the things i wanna do this August:

1. Wear flats as much as i can

2. Eat a lots of fruits

3. Do silly things with my loved ones

4. Buy a new pair of sandals

5. Eat ice cream ....a lot
6.Drink sweet cocktails

....and pray with all my heart, this summer to last for as long as possible, so we will all be prepared for a creative and hard working autumn.

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com