Leave the Fruits and Pants Alone!

One of the joys of summer - and God they are so many - is the wonderful  clothing we see all around. I like all of these strong almost neon colors on every piece that can be worn. From tops to pants to shoes and bags everything bursts with color. I am a dedicated lover of black and white (i refer to clothes not to be misunderstood), but when i see a light blue, lime green, neon pink....well i get strongly tempted. And what is not to love about it?

C. is often accusing me for being too conservative with the way i am dressing myself, me on the other hand, i just like the white (and black) so much i could wear it all year long although sometimes i agree with her.  Maybe because i use color all over my house at the most, i prefer a more peaceful dressing code. But she is only a teenager and when she sees a colorful top she cries out  to have it and then she expects from me to wear a similar one...which is not that much of a possibility, then again you can never say never....yes.

Love, K.

photos via ruemag.com