Make my Friday, Table Talk

One of the greatest pleasures of my life is having a nice summer dinner with my friends. I am so glad every time i can share food and talk with people i love...
Another thing is the joy i get when I'm about to prepare the table, i want everything to look beautiful and relaxed cause my friends deserve the best i can do.

Setting the table really means a lot to me, it is a celebration for the eye and the soul. Simple or not, colorful or not, the set table need to be a way - from me - to say ''thank you'' for being so lucky  sharing wonderful moments and because it is also a way of offering hospitality and love.

Now that summer sales are on the go i was thinking to try a new elegant and more classic ''dress table code'', not something too pricey, so my two final choices are these zara home tablecloths that will suit almost all of my plates and glassware. I think i have already started to create the scene...

Love, K.

And one more, not so classic, colorful option that i like a lot but i am not really sure about....what do you think?
photos via zara home