Meet Cocoandsilk

Hi there, 
i am so anxious today as i have decided to say a few things about my new project and up coming on line shop, what is the philosophy of cocoandsilk.com. OK then...

1. Why cocoandsilk
Because I'm mad about drinking cocoa and i love silk - it's so delicate and feminine!
Seriously though, to tell you the truth I'm not sure why i chose 'cocoandsilk'...it just sounded right.

2. How many pieces do you produce?
Not too many actually. This is a major part of our philosophy. Our pieces are, if you like, 'limited edition' and if a piece is popular, it's almost impossible to mass produce as we like to keep a close eye on our production and be in control of what we are doing - it's not about fast fashion, buy now - get rid of it tomorrow, it is more about approaching the whole thing from a more sustainable view point. We want our clothes to have an almost tailor- made quality which is impossible to achieve when  mass produced. We make many samples and spend a lot of money trying to bring the best out of each garment. The design and fabric factor is not the same for every item... We want our customers to love and enjoy our garments, however we also want our manufacturers to love and enjoy working for us. We are striving for a calmer, more laid back attitude towards fashion because fashion is after all a delight...

3. Is it only about women?
Yes! We only design women's clothing.

4. What is your motto?
I would say drink cocoa and dress yourself in silk...OK, I'm kidding!

main image by C.