Posing A Little

Last week i visited  Thessaloniki and stayed for a week , business and pleasure is the best way to spend the days.
I decided to carry with me all the cocoandsilk pieces  i own - no, i do not own the whole collection - and tried to wear them in every meeting, this is the best way to convince my clients, no?
C. insisted to take a few pics with me posing which is something i do not do with great pleasure, i think i look awful on photos...So, we did the thing next to where we were staying , two steps away to tell the truth and did it as quick as we could, 5min was all we needed...
No matter how uncomfortable this makes me feel, here is the shy designer herself, posing for the sake of her collection and under the support of  her daughter, my biggest fan! And the best part is - once you decide to get exposed, you get  more confident about yourself, it's like OK, I'm not perfect but i can smile and let myself  be me and that's fine!

See you on Friday 
Love, K. 

images by C, for cocoandsilk