Make My Friday - One Is Never Enough

Hello boys and girls! I hope you are OK cause weekend is here for you to get your revenge!

Like i had told you cocoandsilk is going to be uplifted, new faces, new photoshoot and a new winter collection together with the previous one. Two days ago we worked reshooting the summer collection and i had a wonderful time working with the new team. It is such a joy to work with people who can understand what you want and in addition can give you useful advice!
Come to think of it, i consider myself a very lucky person when it comes to partnership. I had a pretty bad experience at the very beginning but since the spell was broken, everything seem to work really well. Anyway, today it is not about the past but about what it is to come and all the beautiful things we are going to share this winter. Needless to say i am super excited for everything that's 
happening and yes, a lot more positive and confident... :))

Here is a very small taste of Wednesday's work. 
A huge 'thank you' to all the people who worked for this, My photographer and amazing person Fotis 
Karapiperis of Studio Verve, my stylist Mr Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis, the sweetest Jenni Penttinen from Ace Models , my make up artist Vivian Katsari from D-Tales and digaia.com for the kind offer and wonderful sandals.

A very best weekend to all of you guys, see you on Monday!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk