Make My Friday - The Comfy Way

 Hey , hey!
These are some more of our new pieces from winter '16 collection! The concept of this look was stylish and comfy , like who doesn't like to be these two together anyway? 

Through the years it became clearer to me that i wanted to create a casual chic look  I was feeling comfortable with.  So, this one is for you people, lovers of fashion, but still in need to be comfy and cozy especially during the cold,  rainy winter days that are coming...

I believe, this outfit is perfect for morning till night.  Going to work, for a quick 'shopping tour ', or even a relaxed night and a drink with your friends.

Can't wait for these lovely pieces to go online !!! Go have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beautiful days of fall and September !

Lots of love , K. 

You can purchase the beautiful necklace Natalie is wearing HERE and see our summer collection HERE - new photoshoot for both summer and winter collection soon to come!

 photos by cocoandsilk