Where There Is Smoke...

While autumn is already here (how fast did this summer passed by?) winter is about to come .
The winter '16 collection is ready! Yay! So excited! This is our new winter jumpsuit , worn by our lovely girl Natalie.
We're done with our samples , as always we have used great quality fabrics and have paid too much attention to the way our pieces are made. As you might have noticed the finishing touch is always a big deal for us. 
 We're also getting prepared for the next photoshoot which is gonna (obviously) contain the winter '16 collection but also ... *drums playing* ... the summer '15 collection all over again!

So what do you think about the first items of the winter '16 collection? Would be glad to see your opinions in the comments below !

Lots of love K.

You can see the cocoa and silk summer '15 collection HERE

photos by cocoaandsilk