Why I Love Work In Fashion

Hi everyone!
As many of you (might) already know, i gave up my job as an architect almost three years ago and decided to work on something new, something that I've been loving for many years but never had the courage to follow as a career...fashion!
For someone who was on the building construction area for 20 (something) years, it would be natural to feel a bit of a nostalgia and miss the glorious past.... well, not me!

Ever since i can remember myself i was always interested in the way people get dressed, especially women. Fashion is joy, creativity, independence, it's a way to let ourselves play with our image, we declare who we are and even how we feel sometimes, we use dress codes every day. There is the work wardrobe, shopping with friends pieces, I've met a wonderful guy and 'i feel like a goddess' dress, i am a new mother and like easy fabrics, wear colour with no colour statement and so on...

The thing about fashion - at least to me - is that i really get happy to believe i can make someone feel beautiful with a piece I've created. I can still remember the first time i saw a friend of mine with this dress and how beautiful, chic and elegant she looked wearing it!

Fashion is not all about creativity and beautiful people, there is a lot of of hard work behind, hours or even weeks working on a pattern to get is done, countless days of search for the right fabric, a lot of money to risk, many things to handle, it is a chain of people working very hard and not always under the better conditions, giving the best they can in order to create a nice result. I am not complaining, i love the not so glamorous 'production state' of a collection as much as the creative part of designing it. To be honest, it is the production itself that really triggers me at the most, here comes the engineer girl!

To me fashion is many - many things as you can see, from the first step to the last, i love every face of it, every difficulty is a new challenge that brings me closer to understand it, respect it and love it more and with every negative comment that i get, i work my ass off to be a better designer and finally a better person!

I wish you a wonderful day,
Love, K.

images via tumblr.com