The Dress

Hey, hey!
Half of the week has passed and we're moving on with the winter '16 collection.

Today it's all about the battle of the fabrics we are using here in cocoandsilk and how different ways of working on a piece can create different reactions.
So, in the first place i was pretty excited when i saw these bold and strong squares but when i started to work on it, it became clear i had one piece that was standing totally alone next to the rest of the winter collection. Poor thing!
To be honest with you, i am not quite sure if this piece will be on the collection anyway, but it turned out there were many people who loved it....Maybe because this dress is super cosy and easy to wear, comes in a soft wool fabric with a zip at the front and secret pockets and to my opinion instead of heels it is better to pair it with those comfy sneakers we all adore!

Anyway, these days are under huge pressure because of an upcoming fashion event we are taking place for the first time, and also we are going to uplift our site, new photos, new faces, for both summer and winter collection, sampling fever and new stock of summer fabrics all together....and of course it is time to start working on our bag collection as well....ok, i am ready for a visit to athens cosmedica for a nice retreat :))

In the meantime you have your chance to vote for the dress, yes or no?

See you guys on Friday!

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk