Make My Friday - People

Hi there, 
this Friday is going to be all about work life and human relations. Ever since i started working for cocoandsilk i came in touch with too many people. Some of them were sharing the same passions for life, others were not interested to hear and share and some were almost bad mannered! 

By the time my first collection was ready i ended up having a number of new friends and feeling almost blessed with what was my new reality. 

Being totally involved with new people and having to work with them made me realise this: 
People are willing to help you when they don't feel threatened from you, i am always very open to admit i have a thousand things on my mind and this makes me feel stressed and insecure and there are no super heroes in this life, help is always welcoming.
I try to bring the human factor in every aspect of my work, even under the most strict deadlines it's nice to stop for a minute talking about work and simply listen to your partner. 
Share a joke, there is no better way to break the ice!
Be real, there is absolutely no need to pretend you are someone else, then who would be you?
Express your feelings, even when i feel angry i will explain what made me feel this way and why i feel someone was playing with patience or had been  unfair to me.
Thank and reward, i was so grateful to Natalie when the photoshoot was over, i couldn't help but hugging and kissing her, but you know... from heart!

How are your relations with people at work? Is it a honeymoon episode or are you ready to ask for a divorce? And if the second is your reality try to remember...sometimes the hottest nights are coming after the biggest fights...

Have a beautiful weekend

Love, K.

And a stupid selfie is always a reason to smile 
images by cocoandsilk