Make My Friday - The Shopping Therapy

Hi there!
As i told you on Wednesday , i spent a whole week in Thessaloniki while i had the most wonderful time seeing people i love, work and enjoy the city - oh yes and eating a lot, i mean...a lot!!! But it can't be a proper joy unless shopping is involved, no?
Buying clothes is not an option for me cause i like to wear my own collection, but dress my home is another thing and one of my favorite activities - am i allowed to consider this really as activity?
Preparing my place for autumn moods and according to my black, white and grey obsession, i found stuff that made me jump because it was lovely and i could afford to have them and carry them back home - nobody likes to pay overweight! 
Of course i went with the cushion covers - similar here , a small rug for my bedroom - similar here, a candle holder (he-he, how could not be a candle holder involved?) - similar  here , a small vase for my bedside table - similar here  and finally a beautiful wooden tray for my kitchen - similar here.
See, not many but quite enough to create the mood i like. 
Now i'm waiting for the first cold days to give them the chance to take their places, although i hope it won't be so soon, summer is holding still, thank you God!
Enjoy a beautiful weekend.

See you on Monday, 
Love, K.

main image via h&m home, rest by cocoandsilk