Monday Morning Coffee Break

Happy new week everyone!

 I woke up this Monday morning smelling the first rainy day here in Athens after a long and hot summer. It was then I realised that fall might be actually here!
I really love rain and before going to work I thought it would be such a great idea to steal half an hour and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of my favourites cafes in Athens.
The rain was still falling and I felt just fine enjoying the beautiful grey light and watch people passing by.

I know I don't have loads of time so soon  I had to get back and start working for a pretty heavy week, photshooting two collections and having the winter collection in a fashion show for the first time, working with my stylist, arranging dates and work for our very new leather goods aka bags are some  of the things we are up to. 
Calm moments are so precious for everyone and starting the day like this was a true blessing. 

How's your fall been so far?

Lots of love K.

 All photos by cocoandsilk