The Heat

This Sunday was the hottest of all. No matter how much i needed to get some rest and enjoy my home it really seemed like a good idea to find the closest beach and get into the water as soon as possible! Instead of having lunch in a city restaurant we had a lovely picnic next to cool waters, in a lovely beach, two hours drive from Athens. We had fun playing giants with our shadows, enjoyed a peaceful day laying on a blue cotton fabric my husband brought from his favourite yoga studio and left the later we could, to avoid the traffic from all people returning back to the city.  

This week is going to be all about new stuff and small informal photoshoots, a big agenda is running for this winter and a bigger one for the next summer. I want to share so many things with you, all the ideas and process as we slowly grow!

I wish you a wonderful new week and perhaps a cooler one!

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk