California dreaming and ghosted gems

I know, i know we are one step from Christmas but today i can't stand the rain and the grey sky and my mind keeps flying to one of the sunniest places on earth, California!

Countless artists and musicians have written and sang for California. It is a place known for it's relaxed (and uber cool) way of living, beautiful vineyards, cafes, multi ethnic restaurants, big waves and of course Hollywood. 

So, today lets get a bit of sunshine and have a look at this beautiful spanish style villa in the Hollywood hills - comes from Elle decor American edition -  and who knows....maybe next year we'll be celebrating Christmas under the warm Californian sun....  

AAAAND.... as you may suspect from the post's title we are not over.

My good friend - and enormously talented - Penelope Kallirosi has launched her new line of wonderful jewelry called 'Ghosted Gems'.
You can find Penelope's amazing work as well with her lucky charms for 2014 (they are in fact word puzzles with hidden wishes), on Sunday 22/12 from 1am - 8am in 'Wine Point'  
'Wine Point'  - Porinou str. 2 and Ath. Diakou close to Acropolis metro station.
You are all invited.

Love, K.