Art Deco F ashion

 The term Art Deco was first adopted in 1968 by the author Bevis Hiller.
It identifies an aesthetic in vogue from 1909 to 1939 which was hugged by 
architecture, the decorative arts, fashion, photography, film and fine arts.

Freedom was the magic word of the period, new dances like Charleston, grater opportunities to travel, leisure activities, all ushered in designs creating a greater flexibility of movement.

Gabriele Chanel and Madeleine Vionnet were the first to embrace these forms and create innovative new lines for the modern woman.

In Russia the Ballets Russes were founded by Sergei Diagilev who, wishing to rejuvenate ballet by introducing exotic themes, employed artists and musicians from the international avant-garde. This was very unconventional for the conservative Russian public and so the Ballet Russes are moving to Paris in 1909, creating a mark moment, a catalyst for the Art Deco period.

Ballet, theater and cinema all lent ideas to mainstream fashion, as did artists of the avant-garde scene like Sonia Delaunay.

It was am era of endless creations and magic, holding influences till today in fashion, cinema (the great Gatsby)and even home design.

Love, K.