Make my friday, Voulis str., city center

Voulis street is probably the most central of all the central streets of the city center,(except Ermou str.).

The road is full of cafes and shops and has a cool ambience.
You can have a rest to an either quiet or busy place, it's up to you.

Lately there are some very nice new arrivals to the upper side of the road.

Begin with a selection of chocolates at wonderful 'Le Chocolat',
buy as many as you can afford, prices are almost like buying at Tiffany's.

Speaking of Tiffany, 'Galanis' has a collection of modern pieces of jewelry at very good prices. Leave the chocolates and better buy a pair of earrings.

'Petite Plaisir ', (very petite indeed), offers tasty sandwiches and coffees on the go.

Have your nails done by visiting 'Coco' (no silk here).
This is a new arrival.

'Diamond Ho(m)tel' for cool staying...

'Dosirak' Asian food, authentic.

'Mitropolitikon' pastry shop. Please stay calm, the moment you step your foot inside, you gain a kilo. Amazing - amazing sweets and other sugary stuff....

'Twin Peaks' coffee shop, obviously the owner is a David Lynch fan.
Very cosy small place, i like it a lot.

'Milopoulos' shirt makers, for you gentlemen

'Oinoscent' cellar and wine bar. During the day it is quite, during the night you will not find an inch to leave your glass but one hand or the other the place is fantastic.

That's it.
Have a nice weekend my babes, lots of kisses.

Love, K.