Make my Friday, Anagnostopoulou str. Kolonaki

It is Friday and like every Friday we go for a walk to the beautiful neighborhoods of Athens.

Today especially for you my lovely fashionistas we will wander uptown to the narrow and sic Anagnostopoulou str.

Christmas is almost here and for those of you who wish to make your shopping, this street offers a variety of boutiques as long as you are loaded enough.
But then again we can all enjoy the walk shopping or less shopping.

 'Touch and Feel' this cute little place is located in the beginning of Anagnostopoulou str. and it is really amazing, believe me. 

'Fenalie' for selected Christmas decoration

'Liana Camba' i really like this shop and the clothes, minimal and stylish.

'Betina' for those of you who wish to blow the budjet, I'm with you...

 'Camper' for the love of comfort

'Bespoke Athens', please tell me how is it possible to resist to a gentleman dressed like this???

'Nora's deli' now, this is surprise, a small deli between the luxury boutiques, i like it...

'Matchbox' this is a very cute boutique with interesting choices, i used to shop from here...oh, happy days...

'Zilly' is one of my favorite shops, period.

I don't know about you but after all this shopping i'm tired and my wallet is empty, time for a cocoa.

Have a wonderful weekend ....and don't forget to love and smile and share.

Love, K.