Coffee culture

I love coffee like millions of people around the globe. And although i am not allowed to drink it (because of homeopathy rules) i do have some during the year.

I love coffee culture also, meaning the kind of people who gather into coffee shops with a newspaper, a book, or a laptop,to
enjoy their coffee alone, or with friends.

All over the world and wherever i travel i find amazing cafes (France is the winner of course), gathering places, open from early morning usually till late afternoon where you can have your coffee or a light lunch. 

Most of the times the expression 'lets go for a coffee' equals to lets talk, friends,love partners, business partners, or whatever. 

And of course the most wonderful coffee of all is the one you can have with yourself, enjoying the place, the smell, the taste, the amazing loneliness meaning you don't have to talk to anybody and simply live the moment of your freedom...just you and your coffee.

p.s there is a film by Jim Jarmoush called 'coffee and cigarettes' staring Bill Murray, Tom Waits, Roberto Begnini and others. You can check it out, it is a wonderful comedy and a very good film like any other of Jarmoush.

Love, K.