Street style, free style

Style as they say is an attitude, therefor every person must feel free to express 
him-herself or to be dressed in a way that makes him-her feel nice.

Of course there is always the 'chic' factor, or the 'elegant', 'good-tasted', 'cutting edge' and so on... countless labels.

I believe strongly, (although i love
fashion), that a person doesn't have to follow rules-any rules but feel creative  and free to be dressed in any way he-she loves to.

Fashion has come a very long way and somehow now it is more democratic than ever. It is important- no matter what fashion trends demand, and i do not like demands at all, to feel good in your body, play with your image, use your imagination, make experiments with colors even if you create a small disaster. I see old photos of me and i can not stop laughing with  the things i did, but that's ok, it is part of the game and so 'viva la liberta'.

Love, K.