Movies i loved in 2013

I love cinema.
I know many people prefer theater because it is more alive, you can really appreciate a good actor, its an art that comes through the ages and it can be an indication of the cultural statement for a city if not for a country and its people. 

Again, i love cinema, i love the endless freedom of the ways -for a story- to be told, the amazing games you can play because of digital technology, the music, the photography, in other words i love the fairy tale, sweet or bitter. And when i am glad or sad the cinema is my escape to let my brain rest for a while or make me think a bit more.

Ever since i had my daughter it is not so easy to watch as many movies as i used to, but thanks to summer cinemas in Greece and to different festivals during the winter i manage to see some very interesting films every year - not always late productions.

So, in 2013 the films that i really loved were:

'Robert Mitchum est mort', the most strange road movie i have seen for years. I wish i could watch it again....

'Un cuento Chino', me gusta el cine Argentino, es verdad, meaning i like films from Argentina and this one was amusing, sweet, human, tender, it had it all. Loved it.

'La Grande Bellezza' i saw it a few days ago and it was such a wonderful surprise, magical. 

Aki Kaurismaki is a favorite director, you lough and tear by the same time while wathching his films, he has a European-Scandinavian  aesthetic in the way he sees things and he has always something to say. Beautiful...

I am ashamed to admit i had not seen this during the years but i saw it in a warm July night and i was shocked by the raw power of this classic film. AMAZING...

I always loved Woody Allen and i still do. I think despite all the critics he gets better as he gets older although every time i see a film of Mr Allen i pray to God to let him create many-many more.

I wish to you many magical cinematic evenings.

Love, K.