Make My Friday, Premiere Vision Istanbul

Premiere Vision is one of the most important shows about fabric.
For me traveling to Istanbul to visit the exhibition was the first oficial presence under my new working project and although i was practically with no sleep for 24 hours, i was so excited and alive i could not believe it!

Being in a new business, especially your own business where you risk time and money is not an easy thing and to tell you the truth, till now my ups and downs are running wild as i have to take decisions for so many things, meet people, work with people i have to trust , no,  is not a tasty cookie...

The show was easy to visit, the Expo Center is only one stop from the airport using the metro and i spent the whole day meeting people, looking for fabrics and making endless lists. Thank God some of the manufacturers are having an agent here in Greece so it will be a bit easier for me to meet them and make the final orders.

All in all it was an amazing experience and no matter the stress when i got back to Athens (long after midnight) i was feeling so happy and full of ideas.

I wish you a wonderful weekend

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk and premierevision-istanbul.com