Dressing A Home....This Time...

No matter how hard i work on my new fashion project, i always find time for styling a home or a place, it is my passion!

Over the years i find myself in a more simple and minimalistic sense of styling and no matter how much i love colors, my choices are getting more soothing, quieter, more organic. Wood, is my all time preferable  element to work with, no matter the shade. My biggest problem when i work in such a project, is to find a balance so the final result will reflect the client's style and not my personal choices. I can suggest, show some sketches but always encourage the other person to visualize and decide. This makes the whole thing much more interesting and creative, at least this is how i like to see it.

I believe fashion and interior styling can very well work together, it is about dressing after all, either dress a person or a place....remember this post?

I like to transform my place during warmer months the same way i transform my wardrobe , the darker shades that i prefer during winter are looking a bit depressive under the strong light of the Greek summer so a make over is always welcome. Speaking of it, i finally managed to paint C's bedroom - and mine - so we will be ready and fresh for spring. Pics to come soon.

Have you all a lovely day!
Love, K.

images created by cocoandsilk via polyvore