Color And Pattern

Hellooo, i wish you a happy new week.
One of the most interesting things when working with fabrics is playing with pattern and color. For me color is one of the biggest love affairs, whether in interior design, clothing or whatever, color plays a major part in my life.
 In cocoandsilk.com we are working mostly with neutrals, we want our clothes to be long lasting cause we do not believe in fast fashion. Neutrals, quality fabrics and the best small independent manufacturers are the secrets to what we are doing. Lucky ladies who live in Greece will also have the opportunity for a tailor made piece if they wish so and we hope soon to be able to provide this to an international level.

For me, the simplest the pattern, the better. I love the clean lines and low profile femininity and this is what i tried to express with my designs.

During the next weeks i will have so many new things to share with you and i am so happy and excited to be able to close this huge amount of work - i literally destroyed the first collection and started from scratch -  and i deeply wish you will love the style and each piece of cocoandsilk.com and support it.

Do have a lovely day!

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk