Make My Friday - Running Fast

The cocoandsilk project goes fast and i have to run faster and faster to be on time.
 Lately i work for almost 18 hours a day and frankly i could work thirty if i could, without a brake. The most significant difference when you work for your own job and when you build something with hard work and passion is... you never really feel tired or bored. This is why i work as a freelancer almost all my life, i used to work in an office job long ago and that made me quite unhappy. On the other hand, working alone means...  i often find myself in a not manageable stress level...
Running fast is my way of living and although i sometimes step back, i prefer things to get done quickly and correctly and i give my best to achieve it. I know also i am a terrible control freak which means i can only get some peaceful sleep when everything - and i mean everything - have been checked by me, this is pretty frustrating but first leaves the spirit then goes the habit.
Thank God for everybody, when it comes to personal life i tend to be much more relaxed and try to enjoy every single moment of the everyday life. 
Call me Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde i try hard to find a balance like millions of people on earth. It' s like 'run fast live slowly' i guess...and enough with the confessions.

Enjoy your weekend...slowly
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk