Paper Bag Solution

Limited space is one of the biggest challenges city people usually have.Our apartments are under a limited size and it is usually a headache to find clever solutions for hiding things so our homes won't look like the local flea market.

Lately, i am having a serious space problems at the office. Till now, the office was a free, calm, uncluttered place in which i would only store my architectural or interior design projects.
These days i have to store dozens of fabrics, paper stuff, samples and experimental designs. Add to this a rich number of old C's books - books she is not reading any more (who is reading Sarah Kay during the teens?) but also she doesn't want to give away.
This beautiful paper bag from Tellkido was the perfect solution for me. Actually, it was designed for a kid's room but it suited perfectly at my place! It's black and white, scandi style, low cost and made of paper, in other words...perfect! It really works well with everything i already have and i used two of my recycled boxes to  create some more storing place. What do you think?

Have a beautiful day!
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk