Make My Friday, Down Town Athens - Psiri Area

Hello, I am so glad we are heading for the weekend!
You know, it has been so long since i went downtown Athens for the last time....but yesterday as i was searching for some specific objects, i knew a visit to this area was my only chance to discover what i was looking for.
I remember when i first came to Athens, i was so excited with this part of the city, here is like east meets west, all these small 'souk like' shops on the one hand, glossy hotels, loft houses and boutiques on the other. One of the reasons i love Athens so much is how different this city can be from street to street. C , who was visiting  the area for the first time, was a great help and having fun by the same time. Unfortunately, i did not manage to find what i was looking for , not even into these small Aladdin's caves. 

Have a wonderful and joyful weekend!
Love, K.

 images by cocoandsilk