40 Things About ... The Hive?

Hi there! It is going to be an amazing week , no?
When Yvonne from The Hive team suggested we could write 40 things about us, i thought...ok, when was the last time i did a thing like that...so let's do it! Deep breath...

1. When i was a young girl i was dreaming of becoming a singer. 
2. When i was a teenager i was dreaming of becoming a singer.!?
3. I never became a singer.
4. I was in love with Nick Cave for many - many years. My husband knew it. He did not care!
5. I studied architecture and worked freelance for a long time indeed.
6. I believe traveling is one of the best things you can do in life.
7. I am an only child. A spoiled one!
8. I deeply love and admire creative people, all of them.
9. Art is my shelter.
10. I have countless alergies. Some of them are not bad for my health, they're bad for my soul.
11. I love my daughter more than anything in this world and all the other worlds, if they do exist.
12. I take photography lessons. I am not very good at it.
13. I take Spanish language lessons. Para viajar a America Latina!
14. I am a total disaster when it comes to discipline...
15. But i am a control freak
16. I love food, maybe too much.
17. One of my biggest dreams is to live in Australia. Not for ever though.
18. I love growing up..it gets better and better!
19. I am actually a lonely person, i enjoy loneliness.
20. I hate lies, period.
21. I love  watching people and guess what they are thinking. No comments...
22. I prefer cinema to theater, it is easier to mind- travel.
23. I can't ride a bicycle!
24. Always eager about...everything I'm afraid.
25. I believe in good. It always makes the difference.
26. I wish i was more daring in my life.
27. Once a boy told me my nose is too big. You think it's funny? But as i said, i don't like lies.
28. I am a dreamer, still.
29. I like being with young children. I love the way they see life. Raw.
30. What? Only ten more?
31. I love summer in Greece, and everywhere else , i love summer, but mostly in Greece.
32. Blogging really changed my life, for better.
33. I love getting up very early and 'listen' to the dawn. 
34. I love changes. I get bored pretty easy, not good.
35. Sometimes i wish , we could think less and feel more.
36. I always question myself what is the true meaning of life, but you know, like... the true meaning of life....
37. I simply can't live without having something to wait for, a journey, a plan, a job, The Hive...
38. Right now I'm working on my own collection. Would i ever thought i could be a fashion designer? NO.
39. I am a work maniac. A mother maniac. A keeping my place tidy maniac. Perhaps i should see a doctor...
40. Oh! It's forty already! Can i go to fifty? Please?

Well, it was fun.
Love, K.

 Post inspiration source: The Hive #40things4thehive