Hey! It's Amazon Cook Books....Again...

I know, i know i am a terrible person when it comes to cook books, i just can never say no...so ashamed that same goes with design books...ups! But.. you know, truth is the fault is not all mine, i mean look at these beauties, the photography is to kill for and the recipes are so mouthwatering i can almost taste them without even cooking!
I have a serious problem in my kitchen, not any available free space to put more books, is this really a reason to stop me from getting new ones? OK maybe yes...
At least i use every single one of them so this can be a small relief. This time, C. made an order as well , the book of her favorite vlogger, and that's the thing with the book addiction, once you got it, you pass it to the next generation!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk