Eager About.....The Hive

Almost a year and a half ago i decided to give up my job as an architect and interior designer and start a blog.
At that time, it was obvious to me one circle was closing and another was about to open. It was not a decision made upon pressure, it was more an emotional  need to find a way to work in a more creative and open playground and deeply inside i knew i was looking for different paths to walk and create. My blog does not belong to the team of the super famous blogs that have millions of pageviews and zillions of followers. It gave me the opportunity to get in touch with many creative people, learn a lot, try new things, experiment with my limits and even the courage to start a collection of women's apparel and a new e-shop which if all goes well, will be ready by late April, this for the history.

This April i am going to travel to Berlin for The Hive, a weekend event where creative people (call them bloggers, digital experts or whatever) are going to meet and talk and learn from each other. It is so amazing  to be in a forum like this and i can't tell you how glad and excited i feel. First of all it is so refreshing to meet people from around the globe, talk to them, listen of how they work and build their wonderful blogs, it would be no lie to admit, i deeply admire many of them for how incredibly creative persons they are. 

As the event happens to be during the orthodox Easter, C and my partner are going to travel to Berlin with me , it will be a perfect time to share some free days and enjoy the city.

We are almost a month away but time sure flies and i was so eager to share this with you, of course we will have much more to tell after the forum and the Berlin experience. 

Do have a wonderful new week.
Love, K.

main photo via here, other photos via the hive and by cocoandsilk