Make Up Update - Korres Beauty Products

Lately i tend to be very careful with the products i apply on my skin. The time of careless buying is gone for good, now i try to use natural products, chemical free and with the most innocent ingredients. After i replaced almost all my skin-care products carefully, i decided it was time to start doing the same with my make up.
Korres is one of the best Greek brands and so it really made sense to try them. They use the best natural ingredients from the Greek flora, the products are skin friendly and they have a wonderful color palette. Also, the make up line feels wonderfully light on skin, you will never realize you are actually wearing a foundation. It is such a joy during these hard times to support a Greek brand and to find the most amazing products here in our place, ''homemade''.

Have a beautiful day
Love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk