Sometimes A Girl Has To Eat

OK, what do you do when you are lone and forgotten, work like crazy, the nearest super market is approachable only by car and you starve to death? You either ignore your hanger - is this really possible? - or you eat what you've got.
Well, the only thing  i happened to have around, was a ripe avocado and a slice of my gluten free bread, which is not the most tasteful food on earth. I was so desperate that i asked my good neighbor for a clove of garlic. This reminded me of how lucky i am to live in a small neighborhood of central Athens, yes, it does exist, and secondly i had a delicious dish in no time, together with my favorite organic herbal tea.
Now, why this had to be photographed first? This is something i should talk about with my doctor, if i only could afford one!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk