Shades Of White...And Some Thoughts...

What happens when you have to work almost 12hrs per day and then you go home and you just can't stop thinking about the next day? I guess, you either call a doctor to give you some pills or you try to find secure paths that will lead you to calmness. 
Even though summer is officially here, i can't stop making plans for my next project which leads me to discover i have to do some extra job for the following days...? On the other hand, i dream of the day i am going to relax and rest next to the sea.This summer is going to be full of surprises and so very different from what i used to know till now.
Then again, i feel so blessed that i can work and do what i really love and stay true to my principles, the more i grow the more i feel good doing things my way and ignoring what seem to be in trend, the mainstream culture of everything. Working upon a plan you have created because it seems to be right for you and not because it's catchy, it's the most relieving way of doing a job. Being myself, staying true and following my instincts make me find all the strength i need, to work and to create my identity.  I know a lot of you who do so, it is so inspirational to meet people who are pure and creative because they follow their hearts and support their choices in good and hard times.
Maybe life is to precious and short to compromise....

Have a beautiful and clam day
Love, K.

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