Easy steps for a Blissful Bedroom

It is where we rest, hide, relax, share moments, it is our secret cave, the bedroom. A room not often visible to our guests, it is a place we can create any mood we like because it is private and represents only us, our needs and our likes. There are some simple tips we can follow to create a room for relaxed and calm nights and late weekend mornings.

Display things you love. They may be your books, art collection, family and friends photos, or even your favorite pair of shoes, if it makes you happy, it has a place.

Choose the right light, it is very important to know that. Strong or soft, be sure to fulfill your needs.

Create a mood. What kind of person are you? Would you like your bedroom to look like a boudoir, are you a girlie kind of woman, a tomboy, or you need a balance to represent two?

Play with color. Strong colors can create amazing and dramatic results...

Play with texture, different layers of sheets and blankets are making a statement.

And the most important...do your thing, the ultimate rule here - there are no rules.

Love, K.