A few days ago while i was checking Zara and their site, i had a pleasant surprise. They seemed to had some very nice changes, like the clothes were not simply worn by tall, ultra thin models but they also added some very nice pictures. It looks like the girls are going at work, or are just ready to have a coffee and they really seem natural, the colors are also amazing and the places for the photo shoots very real life (only with strong color).
I don't have a problem with the tall, ultra thin girls, i know if i was a fashion designer i would probably hire a girl like that - this is reality - but i truly liked the photos and how realistic they seem. I always had a passion about color and photography so every time i find something fresh i get very happy. Maybe it is about time I'll start working with instagram at last. OK, that's it. Have a wonderful day!

Love, K.

photos via zara.com