Make my Friday, The Visitor

Some days ago my daughter brought home the cutest male cat with a broken leg. She has a thing about animals and cats especially. We called him Mousou and he is the kindest cat I've ever met. We took him to the doctor to fix his leg and he is going to be absolutely fine! I used to own a cat many years ago and i admit they are the funniest animals to live with and they are so tender and playful...

I am sure you all have felt the warmness and sweetness in your heart when you offer relief to an animal and the kindest eyes looking at you, soooo adorable!

I'm glad Cristina brought him home and I'm glad she is this kind of child, and like a friend of mine told me...'thank God there's still lots of love out there', I hope it is true.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk
model Mousou