London day five, Saying Goodbye

The last day of our trip was dedicated to Tate, well not the whole day but surely a very big part of it.
Tate is always such a wonderful space to visit, very child friendly, with an amazing gallery shop and of course always something interesting to see. This time it was the exhibition of Matisse and we had the tickets prepaid almost two months ago, this turned out to be some very good idea as we did not had to wait at the long queue, let along is was sold out for that day....

The whole area around Tate is so very interesting to see, very industrial and modern, next to the river, street artists always making small performances and a joy to walk or have a beer to one of the many pubs that are close by....So after the exhibition the weather was so hot and sunny, it would be a pity not to have a drink outside and enjoy the beautiful day, which we did till early afternoon. After that we had a very looong walk around Southsbank and took the bus to the city center to say a warm goodbye as the day light was fading out. See you back in Greece!

Love, K.